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During many of the courses given by Roc et Glace this one comes up quite often by those who wish to start practicing on their own after a course or initiation outing.

Below is a quick list of items and price range for each to outfit yourself with a basic top rope kit on rock. Prices are approximate and exclude applicable taxes. Price ranges reflect different equipment manufacturers and retailers.

ItemPrice RangeTo
60m dynamic rope – you only need 1 for a team of two$ 150$ 240
Harness$ 65$ 100
Helmet$ 70$ 150
Climbing Shoes$ 100$ 200
Dynamic tether$ 25$ 80
Belay device (friction plate)$ 27$ 40
Locking carabiner for belay$ 105$ 155
Accesorie cord or webing for anchors$ 20$ 35
Total$ 562$ 1 000


This estimated budget is for NEW equipment. While used items can be purchased, apart from climbing shoes, this is NOT recommended. The items listed are part of your personal safety. The history, use and condition of used equipment cannot be assured. This is the reason why once these items are purchased they cannot be returned. These are safety items.

You may also want to consider taking courses to build you knowledge and skills to be autonomous in outdoor top rope climbing. It’s an investment! Roc et Glace rates depend on the number of participants. Of course, the lesser the participants the more attention available from the instructor guide.

We trust this will be the start of great climbing experiences for you.